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Hacking Your University Education


Aloha, Check out our new book “Hacking Your University Education”. Just like the new term “Life Hacks” This book is all about making the most out of your university education. Any engineer will tell you- if something works, break it and make it better. Fortunately the only thing that students need to break is the old paradigm of education. The new paradigm is this- The work you do in school has real value, you do not need to wait until you graduate to start creating your dreams, You can use your education as a tool to build your dreams as a reality. Most importantly- NO Project Left Behind. Students are fed up with school projects that have no relevance to their future. Turn every project into a tool to make your mission come true! Check out the book at

Hacking Your College Education, Hacking your university Education

Hacking Your College Education, Hacking your university Education

The Purpose Driven Education Movement

The book that is designed to change any students life

The book that is designed to change any students life

The Student Entrepreneurs Guide to Harnessing Education Energy is the ultimate tool for any student who aspires to make their passion their profession. Jonathan Fritzler spent years, going through the motions of education, with the goal to graduate so he could begin his “real life”. Finally an epiphany hit him like a truck… literally. On his way to school he was struck by a truck on his moped, and was nearly killed! During his recovery, he began to reevaluate his purpose in life, and ultimately the purpose of his education. He began experimenting with his education by focusing his school projects toward developing a business plan based on his passion of transforming the education system! Now, students can experience the education energy revolution in their own lives! With Education Energy homework becomes building blocks, teachers become mentors, and the school campus becomes an incubator for students passions to become real world initiatives.

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Plant an AMP- The World Youth Congress


It is with great joy and honor that AMP will be attending the World Youth Congress in Rio De Janeiro this summer. AMP Founder Jonathan Fritzler will be a featured speaker at the conference, teaching university students how to “Plant an AMP”. The program has been developed in a way that can be implemented within any university environment. AMPs vision is to unite a global network of students to cultivate Social Entrepreneurs and Peace Leaders who harness Education Energy as a renewable resource. When students combine their school projects to develop strategic plans, it creates a lasting effect with the work students produce in school, and not just means to a letter grade. Want to Plant an AMP in your university? Contact us!

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We are AMPed to announce that in one week Aloha Movement Project founder, Jonathan Fritzler will be speaking at TEDxHonolulu. He is presenting his discovery of how to harness Education Energy through AMP. At the end of the talk, Fritzler sends out a call to action to students across the globe, to join us in this world wide movement. Our student activist handbook called “Plant an AMP” is expected to be released in January of 2012. AMP is seeking passionate university and even high school students. “Its like joining the Peace Corp while you are in school”. 


11.11.11 A Social Action Initiative


People around the planet are gathering together on this special day to enhance the quality of life for the people of the world.

*Phase 1: Join the Movement!*
Team up with a group of friends, family, or co-workers and proclaim your initiative! Join the movement by posting your vision on the event wall.

*Phase 2: Plan your Social Initiative*
Create a social action project and host it on November 11, 2011. This event could be anything from a music festival to volunteering at a children’s hospital. Even a small impact has a big effect when people around the world agree to make the change!

*Phase 3: Produce a Short Film*
Post an ad on craigslist if you don’t have a camera yourself! Its about time you learn how to cut videos on your computer anyways!

*Phase 4: Vote to win an ultimate grand prize!*
Once all videos are submitted, an 11 day voting process will take place online at

Sponsored By:
Everyday Heros Project
Island Nutopia


Expand your creative mind and you will find, your desired reality pulled like the moon to the tide~


The 2nd annual Creativity Summit fully equip with an unreal line up of musicians, slam poets, and live artists. Join us as we paint a picture of an experience!

Featured Poets: Tui Scanlan & Darron Cambra
Street Light Cadence- Phenominal 3 Piece- see them 1st Fridays at the Hawaii Theater Street Corner
Evan McKinny- BeatBox Extraordinare
Sterling Bear- US Vet- dont miss this!
Sophia Nelson- The most beautiful woman alive
Grant Uchida- Singing Comedian
Kiana- Legendary Waikiki Street Singer
Breath of Fire- A Band Revolutionizing Reggae Music

Erin Mccullough
Loren Shaw
Mike Pascablo
Winnie Patterson
Shawn Castro
Christian Ritchie
Chris Steitz

The event takes an innovative approach to creativity by breaking into 20 minute ted talk style- mind expanding workshops.
1. Become a Slam Poet- with Darron Cambra & Tui Scanlan (National Poetry Champions)
2. Everyday Hero Workshop- with Catalina Centi (Touring Singer & Songwriter)
3. Life by Design- Noble Turner (Spiritual Life Guide & Real Estate Tycoon)
4. The Mind Garden- Jon Fritzler (Founder of Aloha Movement Project)


Fresh Air Oahu

Open Mic @ the University of Hawaii Dorms


TONIGHT AMP is teaming up with the UH dorms to provide the student body with a platform for collaboration and exposure! Express your passions and talents to the student body! This is the second open mic of the semester, and we are stoked to be sharing it with you Hawaii!!

AMP Internship Opportunity


AMPlify your life with the Aloha Movement Project! AMP is pleased to announce the opening of the Spring 2011 internship! Expand your creative mind— Discover new possibilities with master mind groups— utilize your “Education Energy as a Renewable Resource for Positive Social Change”.

• Earn 3 Upper Division Elective Credits at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (optional)
• Collaborate with like-minded students who are passionate, creative, and innovative.
• Build your resume and earn a winning Letter of Recommendation.
• Align your school projects with social initiatives to collectively have a positive impact in the community. (Donate your education energy toward a cause).


Spring Internship Summary
Students involved will combine their school projects to benefit community initiatives. Participate in innovative group discussions, explore the islands artistic cultures, and experiment with new creative outlets.

AMPresents the Fall Ball


The Fall Ball was a huge success!! Thank you to all the artists who contributed their colorful talents to creating the experience of music and art! The event was designed to inspire the creative minds of the youth on Oahu. We host all ages event to cater to all generations of creativity! Lovely!

The Fall Ball


$5 PreSale (txt names to 503-577-7108) or $10 @ Door

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Aloha Music Project & Youth Speaks are teaming up to create a mind blowing experience of music, art, poetry, and creativity! Join us as we celebrate the season of giving!

Check out this EPIC lineup hosted by your MC JASON TOM:

Youth Speaks- Poet Roulette Tour Kick-off
– 5 mindblowing poets, 4 epic rounds, 1 victor

LIVE MUSIC provided by:
– Breath of Fire- Fresh reggae ska jams with full horn section.
– Still to this Day- The Official AMP Mid Pac Band
– Street Light Cadence(accordion, violin, cello) – Feat. Onward, Etc. (2 guitars, Banjo, Standup Bass
– Grant Uchida the Singing Comedian
– DONT MISS: Jason Tom & Nathan Emmans (The Art of Whimsy) Collaboration!

LIVE ART and Auction Provided by:
– Nicholas J- Body Design
– Fern Santos
– Jason Schutzman

– 808 Breakers
– Kiva Arts & Design

ON A MISSION to raise funds to establish AMP as non-profit organization. Our organizational mission is to inspire creativity, to ignite passion, and discover purpose.

NON-PROFIT- we hope to spread the amp curriculum to colleges around the nation and eventually world, to “harness education energy as a renewable resource for social change”.

AMP MIDPAC is the newest edition to the AMP family. We hope to raise funding to further support AMP Mid-Pacific Institute, our first High school Mentorship Program, in the Spring semester of 2011.

BLUE PLANET LIGHT BULB EXCHANGE- Bring 10 old light-bulbs, exchange them for 10 NEW CFL energy saving light bulbs, and get free entry

BIG THANKS to our Sponsors
– Fresh Cafe
– Youth Speaks
– Bamp
– Fresh Air


The 2nd Annual Monster Melodica was a great success at the University of Hawaii! This epic showcase hosted at the campus dorms brought out some of the islands best performances including:

– Still to this Day

– Half Step Down

– Breath of Fire

– Peace of Mind

We were also lucky enough to experience Evan McKenny aka DJ Skizzo as our lyrical “Beat Jocky”. The event also showcased various live artists and dance performances by the 808 Breakers.

Big thanks to all the AMP Crew who made the event possible!

AMPtivists Unite!


For the past 10 months students and businesses from accross the nation have been gathering via airwaves on our national phone conference we call the “Meeting of the Minds”. Every week this diverse group of individuals meet to discuss the future of AMP. Our strategic plans are aimed at creating an international network of Social Activists/ Entrepreneurial Philanthropists.

To be specific, AMP is in search for student leaders who want to build a better world! (After all, students are the future leaders of the planet!). If you, or someone you know is a passionate activist, musician, or artist, send them our way!!

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Event calendar is up!


Hey guys, check out the new calendar posted at the bottom of the main page, as well as a typed form under the Events tab.

Dates and times are subject to change, so do check back for updates!



Hawaii Clean Energy Day


Today I went to the 2nd Annual Hawaii Clean Energy Day! Imagine all the biggest companies in the green energy on island in one room! Followed by “Green Drinks”. Best networking session ever!!

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